Instructors 2019


Gord StobbeGORD STOBBE from Chezzetcook, NS

Master fiddler and member of the Order Of Canada, Gord is a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Association for “outstanding contribution to Old-Time Fiddling in Canada”. Former host of “Up Home Tonight”, Gord was commissioned to compose and record scores for CBC radio dramas. He is an inspiring teacher, and has been inducted into the Nova Scotia Country Music Hall Of Fame as a Pioneer In Music. He has also received the ECMA Stompin’ Tom Award for his long-term contributions to music.


Sunday mornings were all about music when Tahnis was growing up.  At 5 years old she started playing the violin and performing with her family as The Cunningham Family Band.  Over the years they have performed across Canada and through Europe.  Now, Tahnis lives in Regina, Saskatchewan where she teaches fiddle and guitar at “Music in the House.”  She performs in a duo with Ray Bell, and has become known for her energetic fiddle style as well as her warm and intimate vocals.

Colin BuchartColin Buchart

Born and raised in the Shuswap/Thompson Okanagan where he has performed and instructed fiddle, Colin now makes his home in Vancouver, BC. While he grew up playing primarily Canadian Old-Time and Bluegrass fiddle music, his playing style is still heavily influenced by his Scottish and Irish roots. He has been composing and arranging music for his second album, and is always keen to pass off the knowledge he has collected from studying under many of Canada’s finest fiddlers.

Ivonne Hernandez

Some people are born to play music. By the age of three, Ivonne Hernandez was playing violin by ear, everything from her mother’s favourite Maritime reels to her father’s Chilean folk music roots. She is a dynamic musician and has toured and taught all over North America, the Caribbean and Europe. Ivonne is a 2017 Juno Award winner!


This award-winning fiddler and dedicated instructor has a strong grassroots following which has made him one of the most popular fiddlers in western Canada.  His fiddle albums are full of lively traditional and original fiddle music, and his collaboration with Gordon Stobbe entitled “Twin Fiddles” has garnered a WCMA nomination. As a result of his hard work and dedication, JJ was nominated by the SCMA as Fiddler Of The Year, and won the People’s Choice Award at the 2013 Canadian Grand Masters.



Ray lives in Regina where he teaches at Music in the House, a music school that he founded in 2002.
He is in high demand as a guitar instructor at fiddle camps all over western Canada and has toured extensively including tours of Canada, U.S. and the U.K performing at folk clubs, bluegrass and folk festivals.



What a piano player! She has traveled around the world with many of Canada’s great fiddlers. Graham Townsend, Richard Wood, Calvin Vollrath, and most recently with Sheryl Fitzpatrick–just to name a few. She also plays fiddle, ukulele, and is now taking up the banjo.

There may be additional instructors added at a later date